CODE@ Becomes the Exclusive Home of ExactTarget Developer Documentation!

Every developer working with ExactTarget should be familiar with our CODE@ developer community by now (if not, take a moment to head over and familiarize yourself with everything we have to offer - the rest of this post will make a whole lot more sense if you do). The site contains a wealth of resources, including a dedicated Q&A section for developers and blog posts from both our team and our partners.

And here's your newest reason to head over to CODE@ . . .

On March 6th, CODE@ becomes the exclusive home for all of ExactTarget's developer documentation.

For a few months, we've maintained the content in both our online wiki and at CODE@ to ensure people could make an easier transition. That ends on March 6th, but the move actually helps every one of our users find what they are looking for in a much easier fashion:

  • Developers have a central location for all of their knowledge needs on our email marketing API and SMS API offerings
  • Non-developers no longer have developer-oriented material in their search results when they look through the wiki

We're really looking forward to making this transition and betting helping all of our clients, and we welcome your feedback on this move. 

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