CareerBuilder: Responsive Email Design Increases Click-Through Rate By >20%

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Currently, a stunning 43% of all email opens occur on mobile devices, quickly overshadowing desktop opens (32%) and webmail opens (25%). Data from Litmus shows us that this percentage is up 38% in the last year alone. Basically, subscribers continue to use viewing environments that include many screen sizes:

  • iPhone, Android, and tablets (mobile devices)
  • Installed email programs like Outlook and Apple Mail (desktop)
  • Email accessed through a web browser like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail (webmail)

This means that by a growing majority, subscribers are tapping and swiping instead of reading and consuming via our old standbys, the click and scroll. It's time to take a deeper look at user experience and focus on an entire campaign strategy, starting with content, design and then execution of the code used to create the email.

CareerBuilder improved click rates by over 20%
In a recent case study, we demonstrate how CareerBuilder is getting better results than ever before by implementing mobile optimization techniques using a responsive design strategy in their recent email campaigns. These results included a 15-17% increase in open rates and a 21-24% increase in click-through rates—and it’s all from responding to the needs of their growing mobile audience.

By the numbers: Through testing responsive design in their emails against their original layout, CareerBuilder saw major improvements.

More responsive results
In their recent Mobile Email webinar, Litmus also showcased results showing success from implementing responsive email design:

  • Rewards Network: CTR increased by more than 25%
  • Deckers: 10% increase in CTR, 9% increase in mobile opens
  • Crocs: 7.66% life in CTOR
  • SavvyMom: 3x life in CTOR

Beyond email, additional responsive web design results can be found on

More than metrics - one chance to make an impression
Justine Jordan shared additional insights in the Litmus webinar, featuring a BlueHornet study showing that an overwhelming 51.3% of those surveyed had a slightly negative perception of a brand when sent a poorly designed email. 69.7% of those people went so far as to hit 'delete' when they received an email that didn't look good. Without even looking at open data, it's obvious that it's time to embrace the varying landscape of screen sizes.

Check out our Designing for the Mobile Inbox whitepaper to learn more about design for the mobile inbox. For additional interactive marketing tips and advice, follow @ETDesign on Twitter.

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