Data + Social: Coming Together

Numerous times a day, I am asked how ExactTarget can help our marketers analyze and leverage the plethora of social data to drive more relevant 1:1 communications.

ExactTarget created the Interactive Marketing Hub in response to the challenges of the real- time web, with the guiding theme of “data is the new creative.” As a result, it’s now possible for marketers to overcome their process and boundary limitations, siloed channels, and disjointed data sources. By centralizing customer data points and insights in a single location, marketers will  be able to effectively understand their data, understand their customers, and deliver micro-targeted creative through the right channel. They’ll leave their competitors in the dust of the real-time web.

In our whitepaper, Data is the New Creative, we will:

• Define the Data of Real-Time Marketing
• Provide strategies for integrating traditional and emerging technologies
• Define how the Interactive Marketing Hub can address the big data challenge interactive

While this continues to be an evolving and exciting space, it’s clear that with 600 Tweets, 34,000 Google searches, and 700 Facebook posts per second, marketers have no choice but to begin developing strategies to integrate data into one common platform to improve customer relationships.

It’s possible (even easy!) to successfully embrace real-time marketing and evolve from campaign management to conversation management—turning previous challenges into ROI opportunities. The key simply lies in establishing data as the new marketing creative.

Download the whitepaper here.

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