Better Delivery Through Design

All email marketers face the challenge of getting their emails to the inbox.  The last thing you want is for your well-planned communication to end up in the junk folder.  Variables such as your sender reputation, list hygiene and permission play a huge role in the deliverability equation – but you can also use design to positively impact your inbox presence as well.

In order to increase the chances that your messages will find their way to your subscribers’ inbox, consider employing an “Add to Address Book” strategy.  This can be achieved by including a short sentence or two (typically at the top of your message) asking subscribers to add your “from address” to their white list or address book.

The benefits of being in your subscribers address book are twofold.  For starters, this will get you around most of the filters at major ISPs and desktop email clients. Secondly, the majority of email clients will automatically display images in emails that come from known senders. This eliminates the extra click subscribers have to take to manually display the images.

When implementing an “Add to Address Book” strategy, be mindful of prime placement and include this language as HTML text at the top of your email. This will help to ensure that the important information appears within the preview pane and isn’t blocked when images aren’t displayed.

To recap: improving your deliverability can be as easy as asking your subscribers to add you to their address book.  This simple action can help keep your emails out of the junk folder and combat image blocking.  After all, when it comes to getting your message delivered to your subscribers, every little bit helps.

Tim Siukola
Senior Email Marketing Designer