Be Prepared: Grow Your Email List

Grow Your Email Marketing ListLast week I talked about surviving the digital communications storm and starting with the basics.  When it comes to list growth essentials, it is truly amazing to see business after business without the most basic need for an email marketing program - an email sign-up form on their website's home page. 

We work with one company that was definitely planning ahead when it comes to email marketing.  In fact, they signed with ExactTarget a full-year before they opened their doors for business.  Their focus during that time?  Buildling their email list! This small Midwestern winery wanted to gather information about their clientele to build a strong and targeted email list. 

Take a moment to look at your website through your subscribers' eyes.  Can you find your email sign-up form in 10-seconds or less?  30-seconds or less?  5-minutes?  Find some more great list growth ideas from Kevin Nuest, "5 Do’s and Don’ts To List Growth From Non-Incident Site Visitors".

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