A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Comedy Club

There's something new happening in the world of stand-up comedy, and it has nothing to do with the material that the "by-night" performers are delivering to audiences. Take Indianapolis-based comedy joint Crackers, for instance. On any given night, groups hungry for a laugh can grab a table, maybe an appetizer and a few beverages, and enjoy a lineup of amateur performers before the big-name headliner takes the stage for an hour-long set. But before the comedy starts, audience members are encouraged to subsribe to Crackers' "Mobile Text Club."

Essentially, venues like Crackers invite their loyal patrons to sign up for mobile updates in the same way that one would subscribe to an email list. It's permission-based, it's contemporary, and it gives fans an opportunity to purchase tickets and reserve tables for popular shows before they become available to the general public.

Nowadays, just about everyone has some strategy for list growth, whether it's through email, social, or mobile. But unlike an in-store poster or link on a digital receipt, performing arts venues can use their talent to promote the program. Picture the warm-up act or hype-man talking up future shows, prepping the audience for the main event, then asking everyone to get out their mobile phones. "But before turning off your cell phones, text CRACKERS to 82257." This is a great way to help your audience understand the point of signing up. Their phone is already in-hand, plus that guy who used to be on Mad TV is coming next month; might as well sign up for updates!

Subscriber programs today are all about setting yourself apart from the crowd. Use new, bold tactics to convince your target audience that it's worth their time to get updates. And if 2013 truly is the year of mobile, deliver content in the way your subscribers want to receive it!

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