A 2012 Content Marketing “Orange Award” Finalist

Content Marketing Institute Orange AwardsAs our loyal blog readers know, we have a thing for ORANGE around these parts.  It's not just part of our brand at ExactTarget, it's also representative of our culture.  So we take it as an extremely good omen that our SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS Research Series (SFF) has just been nominated as one of 10 finalists for Content Marketing Project of the Year in the 2012 Orange Awards (the best of the Magnum Opus Awards).

Launched in 2010 and now spanning 17 reports, the SFF Research Series continues to help marketers understand the changing landscape of consumer expecations surrounding email, mobile, and social channels such as Facebook and Twitter.  All of the reports are free to download, including the ones from 2011 that form the basis of our award nomination:

  • The Social Break-Up - A look at why consumers unsubscribe, unlike, and unfollow brands
  • Mobile Dependence Day - Research into how smartphones dramatically change consumer behaviors
  • The Meaning of Like - An effort to discover just what consumers intend to convey to brands when they click "Like" on Facebook (hint: It's not permssion to market!)

Congratulations to the other nominees--Allstate, HP, Google & Sun Life among them.  Congrats also to our team within ExactTarget who slaves feverishly to ensure that each and every SFF report offers new and helpful insights to marketers.  While they know who they are, a special "shout-out" to Morgan S., Katie M., Jen R., Elizabeth K., and Theresa W.  You are each truly deserving of a Orange Award if you ask me.

Hey, and if content marketing is your thing, be sure to register now for Content Marketing World 2012 slated for September 4th-6th in Columbus, Ohio.  Yours truly will be speaking, and the 2012 Orange Award winners will be announced at a gala dinner on Thursday evening.  Register using the code EXACTTARGET and save $100!

I hope to see you there!

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