6 Tips to Calming a Crisis with Social Media

In early 2010, a major auto manufacturer was faced with a massive recall—one that received heavy criticism and worldwide media attention. But rather than dodge the spotlight, they stepped into the middle of it, opening a dialogue and answering customers questions through social media outlets. In the end, the brand turned a crisis into an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to their customers, products, and services.

When mistakes are made, proactively fielding the criticism that follows is imperative. We recommend making things right by leveraging all of your social media outlets to engage your fans and followers with meaningful conversations.

6 Tips to Managing A Crisis with Meaningful Social Media Engagement 

1. Vigorously Monitor Your Brand's Online Mentions. You can’t properly address a crisis if you don’t know what’s being said. And if you’re a big brand with a large following, important exchanges can be easily missed. Have a system in place that ensures you’re listening carefully.

2. Reply to Criticsm and Concerns Promptly. While it’s important to consider your dialogue carefully, be sure to address concerns in a timely manner. Replying five days into a crisis may be too late.

3. Use SocialEngage to Manage All of Your Social Media Communication. Using real-time tools in SocialEngage, you can stay on top of social media activity with mention alerts, one-click responses to common questions, and a comprehensive management dashboard.

4. Know When to Take the Conversation Offline. There are many reasons to take a conversation offline with a customer. It isn't wise to have long drawn out conversations on Facebook and especially Twitter. Use the messaging features on many social networks to obtain an email or phone number to further the conversation. 

5. Apologizing Can Go a Long Way. It can be the same as apersonal  relationship right? :-) Sometimes apologizing can go a long way with an angry customer. It's okay to say "I'm sorry."

6. Rely on Advocates. There are many reasons for building a social media community, and one of those reasons is advocacy. Allow your fans and and customers to respond as advocates on behalf of the brand. 

Want to find out more about how to thrive in the social media environment? Take a look at our recently published white paper, Social Media Quick Plays.





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