3sixty and the Developers Community

When we created 3sixty, we had the best of intentions.  Our plan was to create a home for everything ExactTarget, and provide a better user experience.  And in the process, we wanted to eliminate the frustrations of trying to get your hands on all the material and knowledge that we possess.

And, 3sixty is going great.  We have lots of big dreams for the community, and we continue to improve areas one by one.

An area that we are still working on is the Developer Community.  We know that it is not like it used to be, and that things are not like they used to be.  Under a deadline, on multiple fronts, we tried to move the Developer Community into 3sixty.  And, as with many big projects, we hit some unexpected potholes.

Old posts are missing, code samples submitted by old Developer Community members are gone, and things just aren't where you were used to finding them.  There is a lot of information that just hasn't been transferred over yet.

We are working on moving in as much of the old data as possible, and we are dedicated to working on it until we feel we have sufficiently moved the best possible information for you to work with.  Unfortunately, we can't open the old community, but we do have everything from there stored - so it will make an appearance in 3sixty...soon.

Our goal is to get as close to great as possible.  We truly appreciate your patience as we continue to make this transition, as we believe that outcome will result in a better experience overall. 

Please, let us know your frustrations and where they lie.  We are listening and do want to help you out.  Email us at or post directly into 3sixty Answers itself.

Have a great Friday,

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