3 Things You Don’t Know About SocialPages—But Should!

While you may know that SocialPages is a leading social media marketing application for creating, designing, and publishing custom Facebook Tabs, you may not know about some of its awesome features, like easy-to-use scheduled content updates, Smart URLs, and key partner integrations that can help you expand your Facebook marketing efforts.

  1. Scheduled Content Updates: Smart URLs and Scheduled Content UpdatesContent is so essential to Facebook marketing, because without it, you aren't giving users a good reason to keep coming back and engaging with your brand.  SocialPages makes it easy to maintain limitless versions of each tab and schedule updates as often as you like. (Think daily deals, fan of the month promotions, launching and completing a contest at specific times.)  Not only can you create and manage multiple versions, but you can schedule them in advance and view publish events in our cross-channel Interactive Marketing Hub calendar, right alongside any other marketing activities you may be managing.
  1. Smart URLs: Smart URLs recognize what device is accessing your Facebook Tab and redirect mobile users to mobile-friendly versions of your Facebook Tabs—while the desktop traffic continues to go to the regular web version of the tab.  With so much of Facebook's traffic coming from mobile devices, it's important to always use the Smart URL when driving traffic to your tabs.
  1. Partner Gears: In order to ensure you have access to the most cutting edge features and functionality, we’ve built a platform that allows partners to build integrations into SocialPages.  You’re can integrate photo and video upload contests from Strutta, dynamic and geo-targeted content from Get Smart Content, surveys from SurveyMonkey, eCommerce from Moontoast, and lead forms from As the SMMS space quickly advances, we ensure that you can quickly gain access to the latest features and functionality all within a single platform.

Get more details on SocialPages in my recent post on our latest product release. You can also check out the Field Guide to Facebook Marketing for tips on connecting with your fans.

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