3 Quick Wins for Multi-Channel Retail Challenges (Part 2)

To be successful in a landscape where data is everywhere—from Point-of-Sale (POS) to email, Twitter, and Foursquare—retailers must learn to connect the dots and communicate with each customer as an individual. Without a unified, 360-degree view of each customer, retailers will struggle to create and execute relevant, targeted communications that drive buying decisions.

This week I’m sharing three quick wins you can implement immediately to solve the interactive marketing challenges facing retailers today.

Challenge #2: Inconsistent multi-channel marketing

Quick Win #2: Increase transactions by integrating online and offline marketing

Retailers interact with customers in ways unlike any other industry. Whether through email coupons or face-to-face interactions at the register, you have more customer data sources to consider than most other marketers. But online and offline marketing still remain disconnected, leaving additional opportunities for increased transactions untapped. At the same time, consumers can become frustrated or feel undervalued when their interactions with a brand aren’t appreciated or cohesive.

Plain and simple, consumers’ offline shopping behavior deserves as much attention as their online shopping behavior. In a world where 93% of online consumers are email subscribers (according to SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS report #20) and 89% of US online consumers aged 15+ own a cell phone (according to SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS report #9), retail coupons and receipts given at POS continue to remain unlinked to online versions. When’s the last time YOU kept a receipt from the corner drug store?

Retailers can make quick wins by capturing information electronically at POS to use as follow-up and remarketing material later. This includes:

  • Emailed receipt
  • Reminder emails for unused coupons
  • Customer satisfaction surveys given online rather than by phone via in-store receipts
  • Apps that reward mobile subscribers with exclusive coupons and archived transaction information

And don’t forget about today’s most popular social media tools like Foursquare and Twitter! Encourage your sales staff to connect with shoppers who have “checked in” to your store or respond to tweets in real time.

Looking for more insight into retail challenges and how to solve them? Check out our SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS report Retail Touchpoints Exposed and the companion piece, Retail Touchpoints Optimized.

Check out Part 1 of this series, and come back for Part 3 later this week!

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